Since January 2015, Operation Zero and the San Francisco Vikings Soccer Club have worked together to reduce the risk of injury and improve athletic performance in female youth athletes.  Our partnership has provided important education and training to hundreds of SF Viking female athletes and their families.

It is with great enthusiasm that SF Vikings will host Operation Zero in summer 2017 for our second annual Speed & Agility Camp!  

Camp schedules, location, cost and all additional details can be found on our Camp Registration Form.  To ensure your child’s participation in this summer’s Speed & Agility Camp please complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the Camp Registration Form in its entirety (including Camp Week/Session selection and all electronic signatures).
  2. Complete payment:  The Camp Registration Form will link you directly to a secure PayPal website.  You can pay by credit card or through your PayPal account.  You will receive an email confirmation with an order summary and camp details.

Space is limited, so reserve your desired Camp Week today!

We look forward to training with you!

Our 2017 Summer Camp was a success!  

Thank you to the SF Vikings for hosting us

and to the participating athletes

for working hard and having fun!

Please Contact Us if you'd like to schedule a

Speed & Agility team program

before or after the summer.

Speed & Agility Camp

*If you do not meet the required eligibility, please Contact Us to request a special program.

​**To schedule a program before or after summer, please Contact Us.



Learn specific techniques to develop a more explosive first step, improve agility and change in direction, and increase speed.

Perform drills to refine your mechanics and technique.

Enhance your explosive strength and power.

Correct your postural weaknesses and muscle imbalances to optimize performance and protect against injury.

female athletes age 11 and older


Daily Monday to Thursday

90 minutes per day

View available training weeks and times below


$139 per athlete

Summer Registration

every hero starts from zero.

​​​Do you want to be faster on the pitch?

Are you one step slower than your opponents?

Do you sprint, stop, and change direction with proper mechanics to reduce your risk of injury?

Increase your speed, develop a more explosive first step, and improve your ability to change direction, while emphasizing proper technique to reduce injury risk.